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Watchdog Antiv-Virus

Watchdog Antiv-Virus

Efficient protection by advanced engine against all types of cyber threats.

  • Stops exploit to take over your computer
  • Protects with real-time protection module
  • Advanced phishing detection of your documents
  • Always up to date with the Offline Scanner
  • Extra protection with Cloud Scanner


Real-Time Protection

Prevention is better than a cure


Real-time protection is one of the best cyber defenses you can implement for your device and network. Watchdog Anti-Virus compares any potential threats against a database of known malware such as viruses and Trojans and stops them in their tracks before they can cause harm.


Cloud Scanner

Watchdog Anti-Virus stores information about virus variants in the cloud rather than on your device to not slow down your PC. Our cloud-based antivirus software protects you by interacting with a threat database stored not on your computer but in the cloud.

    PriceFrom BD$35.00
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