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NOTE: You can connect 5 devices at the same time, but you can install this application on as many devices as you like.


HMA! Pro VPN offers an easy way of browsing the internet securely, privately and without restrictions. Surf the web with increased security and safety. This 1-year subscription to HMA! Pro VPN by Avast enables a secure and private connection to the internet, protecting your data and connection with bank-grade encryption. You can also hide your IP address and stream content from anywhere in the world.3 MODES



This mode lets users secure their connection with a single button swipe, at home or on public WiFi. As with every connection mode, HMA! speed testing technology connects users to the fastest available server in their location.

Instant mode is the best option for casual users who want secure internet access with minimal fuss—for example, when using WiFi at a café.



This lets users surf the net like locals, wherever they are in the world, by choosing from one of over 190 countries. Location mode is ideal for users who want to maintain secure access to the favourite sites they normally use from home, bypassing geo-restrictions whilst travelling abroad. It also allows users to change their IP address to access their favourite websites in other locations.



This progressive mode aims to give voice to those living under or—as are journalists—working in censorship regimes. Freedom mode lets users connect to the fastest available server in the closest country identified by HMA! as safe and pro-free speech.


You can install this product on as many devices as you like and run 5 simultaneous connections

This product works on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux or Mac device

Includes a 1-year subscription to HMA! Pro VPN software

Enables secure and private access to the internet

You connected is secured with bank-grade encryption

Allows you to encrypt your data, even when you're on public Wi-Fi

Hide your IP address to become untraceable

Stream your favourite TV shows and sports from anywhere

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