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Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 - Lifetime License

Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 - Lifetime License

Key Features


Automated Editing

New: Pick the perfect aspect ratio

New: Auto-reframe your subject

Make precise selections

See effects in real time

Improve grainy videos

Match music length to video

Smart Trim

Easy edits in Quick mode

Candid Moments


Step-by-Step Guided Edits

New: Add fun animated overlays

New: Adjust shadows and highlights

Create cool double exposures

Add animated mattes

Create time-lapse videos

Animate skies in your photos

Freeze frames and motion titles

Create fun bounce backs

Make glass pane effects


Create & Share

New: Explore new slideshow styles

New: Compress for easy sharing

Auto Creations just for you

Polished movies, instantly

Make animated social posts


Effortless Organization

Organize automatically

GIF playback in the Organizer

Find videos faster with auto tagging

Find your best videos with Auto Curate


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